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Motivating Forces – Part 2

“If the child cannot learn the way that we teach, we must teach the way that he learns.”   Rick Lavoie In a post published last week, I discussed Lavoie’s motivational forces. Lavoie refers to the six P’s that motivate our children. … Continue reading

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Reading and Misbehaving

If you are reading this blog post, chances are you enjoy reading. Hopefully, you enjoy the reading you do on my blog (wink wink) So, let me ask you this question: How often do you read the reading you love, … Continue reading

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Does It Have To Be Fun?

Have you seen this child? He* is the child who decides within a few seconds that something is boring. He is the child that finds school boring, no matter what. He is the child that rolls his eyes up and … Continue reading

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The Good About Sad

I have just posted the following post as a guest on So You Want To Teach. Hopefully it will be appear there soon. Sad. That is what I am feeling right now. I can give you a good number of … Continue reading

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