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Beauty Lies In the Eyes of the Adjudicator

Years of debating against his mother (*sigh*) have turned my Senior Son into a pretty determined debater. Excellent advice from his teacher and support from his debating team have turned him into a strong debater. Which is why, as an … Continue reading

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What Message Are We Really Giving Our Kids?

 I have been completing a number of strength and weakness charts recently. If you are interested in knowing how I do this, you may click over here. Now, whenever I complete a chart like this, a child is ALWAYS able … Continue reading

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“Thank You For The Sandwiches”

“Thank you for the sandwiches” said my father into the phone recently. When my father was a young boy at boarding school, he detested the daily jam sandwiches he was given to take to school for lunch. A school friend called … Continue reading

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Things That I Know … or at least think I do.

– I do some of my best writing after midnight. – I used to look at myself in the mirror and see my mother and it used to scare me, but now it makes me proud. – Apparently, if you … Continue reading

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45 Steps To A Happy Marriage

I enjoyed reading this article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. Although it has been written for newlyweds, I think it is very appropriate for us “oldies” to read too. Fortunately I am married to a man who detests eating breakfast … Continue reading

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Check – A one word strategy!

Do you hate moaning? Do you hate hearing yourself doing the moaning? At the beginning of each new year or class group, I ask my students the question, “How do we listen?” Of course they come up with ears, and … Continue reading

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Husband Help 101 – Things He SHOULD Say

“You need to make me a list of things I should say, so that I can just look it up and say the right number and then never get it wrong.” Of course I could not resist the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Learned Helplessness and Resillience

Every teacher and parent should read the article written by Simone Wallington from the Parentshop. Simone uses a great video to show how students learn “helplessness.” It is SO quick and easy for some children and adults to learn to feel … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Teacher?

It’s a good question… Apparently tomorrow I am being interviewed by ABC News Online, in response to the NEITA award I won last year. They want to have a chat with me about what makes a good teacher. While grappling … Continue reading

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The Choice We Make

“I know we had a massive argument last night, but I can’t remember what it was about.” These were the words my deflated Senior Son uttered to me as I pulled into our driveway after a long day a few … Continue reading

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