Kids Shouldn’t Go To School

Dan Haesler – teacher, blogger, speaker, Positive Psychology advocate and colleague – has done a fantastic post this week titled “Kids Shouldn’t Go To School.” I think every teacher should take the time to read and ponder over the essential points he makes.

While visiting Dan, take time to read one of my favourite posts on his site. You can find it over here.

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8 Responses to Kids Shouldn’t Go To School

  1. Jenn says:

    AMEN to that! I know my son’s school teaches for their standardized test, and it’s so obvious! I’m lucky in that I can supplement my child’s learning by taking him to museums and other places that interest him, but some parents able to do so. It makes me sad that the educational system is so focused on teaching for the end result versus the journey of education itself.

  2. Erin Patrick says:

    That was an excellent article! What a great point about engaging the audience before you perform. That is so true in lots of walks of life. We learned a little bit about that in Toastmasters, a public speaking group. Thank you for sharing! It made me think about how I engage with children. Hmmm…thinking…

  3. Excellent article! Especially the part about what opportunities schools give our children to engage and how teachers are allowed to engage. Very powerful! I am just treading into our first public school experience with my kindergartner – having a blast and loving our school so far!

    Thanks for that insightful piece!

    Smile and Mama With Me

  4. Jen says:

    I’ve been told several times by my kids teacher’s that they have a lot of “experiential knowledge”….I’m proud of that.

    Stopping by from vB

  5. Great article I know from friends who teach that sometimes their hands are tied as to just what they can and can’t do. I think it is becoming more acceptable that not all children learn the same way, mine sure don’t. I constantly have to vary my approach.

  6. Kristina says:

    I agree – school should be made more “accessible” for everyone – not all kids are good at sitting still for long periods, reading books, copying notes, or listening while they are being talked to… … and that is one reason why I LOVE teaching Science! It’s a more dynamic classroom atmosphere – kids can move around, use their hands, build and discover “real” stuff! Yes, we still have to stick to a curriculum etc, but it’s very easy (for an interested teacher) to make it a very fun and stimulating learning environment.
    Thanks for sharing this article:)

  7. I can’t help but agree. My daughter attends Georgia public schools, so that is enough right there. So much I don’t agree with.

  8. Maddie says:

    I know that this is mostly for teachers and parents, but I’m a student, and I would like to share an opinion from our point of view.
    I do agree with this article- in every way.
    Every single year, the teachers are always saying and comparing things to our state tests.
    We take three weeks out of learning our normal classes to study just for the state test. Then, we cram five separate tests in one week, which is very stressful, and a hard learning environment. All the standards are deathly scary. One little mistake, and your whole life is thrown away.
    Once we finish rushing the state tests, we go back to rushing. We rush all our normal things that we have to learn.
    Finally, with all this rushing, and testing, all I really come out learning is how to hate school, and the last thing we learned.
    When the three month summer comes around, I forget even more, and we rush to relearn it all.
    This goes on and on. It’s ridiculous in my opinion.

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