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Bad Teachers

“You don’t learn stuff from bad teachers, you just learn stuff about bad teachers.” These are the exact words from a conversation between three boys aged 11-14 today. I know because the conversation took place in my car. Something to think about?

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One Target at A Time

Writing skills in my classroom have increased with a slowing down of targets. The pressure of only seeing my writing students once a week resulted in me trying to achieve too much in one lesson and in the end I … Continue reading

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Kids Shouldn’t Go To School

Dan Haesler – teacher, blogger, speaker, Positive Psychology advocate and colleague – has done a fantastic post this week titled “Kids Shouldn’t Go To School.” I think every teacher should take the time to read and ponder over the essential … Continue reading

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Band-Aids, Fairness, Solutions and My Own Wounds

I used to think that “fair” means that everybody gets the same, but thanks to Richard Lovoie, I came to understand a few years ago that “fair” actually means “getting what you need.” Mrs Saylor, over at Salylor’s Log, uses … Continue reading

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