Beauty Lies In the Eyes of the Adjudicator

Years of debating against his mother (*sigh*) have turned my Senior Son into a pretty determined debater. Excellent advice from his teacher and support from his debating team have turned him into a strong debater. Which is why, as an 11 year old, he can handle topics like the one he had for this week’s interschool debate – “Beauty Is Skin Deep.” Easy to prove this negative, right? Except that his team had to prove this statement to be true.

At the end of every debate that Senior Son has lost, he has taken himself off to the adjudicator to get feedback. The advice has always been constructive and Senior Son has always done his best to carry this advice into his next debate.

Proving beauty to be only skin deep is not easy, but I swallowed my personal horror from a distance and kept out of it. As teachers and parents aren’t we constantly trying to teach our children that beauty comes from within? I had to watch my Senior Son clacking away at his computer, working out every possible way to prove that this value that we teach so strongly in our schools is totally incorrect.

He spent hours this week doing his research and putting his speech together as well as preparing possible rebuttals, only with guidance from his debating teacher.

His team lost.

The feedback he personally got from the adjudicator at the end of the debate went something like this:

You lost points for your speech because your arguments were too advanced.”

Ummm…hello? Am I missing something here?

When he brought home his anger and confusion and related the details to me, all I could do was laugh. I mean really…what else could I do?

Could someone please explain?




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19 Responses to Beauty Lies In the Eyes of the Adjudicator

  1. Zalman says:

    What a compliment by the adjudicator. Senior son may have lost the debate but he won the War

  2. Mc says:

    Think maybe beauty lies in the eye of the beer holder in this case

  3. GERALD says:

    I can picture the Adjudicator – thin lips, thick glasses and an attitude to match! Tell senior son that he will meet many such kill-joys in life – and NOT to get angry or descend to their level (Yes, he is already FAR her superior) Any chance that we could read the debate notes?

  4. Another Mum says:

    The adjudicator displayed a fixed and outdated mindset. This seems to be one of the challenges that gifted / talented children face from time to time.

  5. Linx says:

    I’m sure that the adjudicator was gobsmacked by the wisdom of 11 year old senior son! Tell adjudicator –‘ Jealousy gives one pimples!’ How’s that for beauty??

  6. Excuse me??? I would be so mad. That’s just unreal.

    Thanks for joining my Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!

  7. Alissabeth says:

    Wow. What a complaint. Problem is most people these days have no clue how to debate!!

    Following from the Planet Weidknecht hop!

  8. Kathy says:

    That must have been so frustrating for your son!! That is really crazy!! I love the first comment, it is quite a compliment! Great to find your site on VoiceBoks, I am now a happy follower!!

  9. mamawolfe says:

    I’m a teacher, too, and find that a really weak comment on his evaluation. The teacher really should have explained that one a bit…I get so frustrated by teachers who feel threatened by the intelligence of their students!
    Following you from VB-

  10. I must say I am impressed. Very seldom do I come across a blog that is both educative as well as entertaining. Just want to tell you that you have most definatly hit the nail on the head. Your approach is excellent. Thank you is all I really have to say !

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