Things That I Know … or at least think I do.

– I do some of my best writing after midnight.

– I used to look at myself in the mirror and see my mother and it used to scare me, but now it makes me proud.

– Apparently, if you survive the sale of your house, the move will be a breeze. I know this from my knowledgeable friend Robyn – and she does all her research properly. If Robyn says it, then it is true. This week WILL be a breeze.

– Living far away from family sucks. Big time.

– When packing up your home, it is good to keep out two wine glasses to help you cope with the move. This beats drinking expensive port from the bottle because you have packed the glasses.

– Husband has proved that he CAN pick me up and carry me over the threshold.  I hope that come Thursday, he will do it without the exaggerated grunting and pain.

– Packing up your house and wiping out the cupboards feels like you are wiping up the memories. Moving house can make you excited and really sad at the same time. Drinking good red wine (or any wine for that matter) helps you deal with the distance and journey between these two emotions.

– Junior Son has informed me that I am now allowed to sing. He still thinks I am a terrible singer, but he has told me that he now knows that I am, “… just always going to sing,” and so he has decided that he, “Might as well go get used to it.”  I’ve always said he was a big thinker.

Is there something that you think you know? Tell me – I would love to know!

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28 Responses to Things That I Know … or at least think I do.

  1. Blane says:

    Everything seems to be sagging as I am getting older.

  2. Princess Frog says:

    I’m warning you: my move was not a breeze…more like a dismal fail. But then I didn’t have to sell a house before that so maybe there is still hope for you. Good luck

  3. Agapantha says:

    I have decided that I am just not a good cook

  4. lisadobrin says:

    Trying to be the best parent to your children without loosing your mind.. if only loosing weight was that easy!

  5. jill says:

    Hi Im a new follower from Super stalker Sunday, I hope you will come check me out =)

  6. Emily says:


    Thanks so much for linking up with Super Stalker Sunday hop. There are several wonderful blogs participating this week, you’re certain to find a few new favorites!

    I look forward to reading more from you!

    Your Co-Host,
    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

    P.S. – I’ve recently switched from blogger to WordPress and had some issues when transferring the GFC widget. I’d really appreciate if you could double check to ensure you’re following me!

  7. Discovering the Me in Mommy says:

    Hope your move goes well…and I know you’ll have even more lovely memories to be made!

  8. Camilla says:

    i am also good late at night when the house is silent and all little people have gone to dreamland

  9. The husband says:

    The Buddhist monks (i think they’re buddhist monks?) who believe everything they possess should fit into one small suitcase are on to something.
    Winter sucks. Bring on spring.
    There is a rip in the space-time continuum and all the stuff that we’ve thrown out ages ago keeps reappearing in the cupboards.

  10. TeacherMum says:

    Dear Husband
    Aren’t you lucky I am petite enough to fit into one small suitcase?

  11. Love your post. thanks for the list….I will have to keep it in the back of my mind for future reference! Thanks so much for sharing at NOBH!

  12. Another Mum says:

    Good luck with the move – may it be like Robyn’s!

  13. I’m a new follower!

  14. Angela says:

    Hi! Lucky you…my son never allowed me to sing! New follower from the Stalk Hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi and return follow! 🙂

  15. I think I know how to it feels to live far away from your family! Living in PA and family is back on Montreal, Canada! Happy Monday!

  16. dillymum says:

    There is one good thing about moving house – you are guaranteed to lose 3 kilos in 3 days. Unless you drink the port out the bottle. The bad thing is when you are settled the weight settles right back on the hips. They say a house serves its purpose – its just bricks and mortar. But I cried when I signed the offer to sell our house. We have happy memories of our old house – its time to make new happy memories in the new one. And yes – it sucks BIG TIME living far from family – at least you would have had people to bring you food while they watched you unpack! oh – one more thing – when you move you will look for things and picture EXACTLY which cupboard they were in and where on the shelf – in the old house – but they will completely elude you in the new one!

    • TeacherMum says:

      Bring on that 3kg weight loss. If I keep it off, I am prepared to help anyone move at any time! Contact me here. Will help for free.

  17. Tree says:

    I agree! Living away from family does suck! My mom lives in the mid-west and us on the east coast, and I miss her every day. Thanks for linking up for my Monkey Do Monday this week. Hope you’ll join me next week too. 🙂

  18. Gosh. I think the things I know most about myself now are my strengths and my limitations…and I don’t waste time or heartache worrying that they aren’t switched around! Thought provoking post.

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