45 Steps To A Happy Marriage

I enjoyed reading this article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. Although it has been written for newlyweds, I think it is very appropriate for us “oldies” to read too.

Fortunately I am married to a man who detests eating breakfast in bed, so obviously I am going to have to find something else to do that counts as “… the sexiest thing you can do in bed.” *

Number 45 is my favourite item on the list.

You can find the full article over here.


* Note: I am not asking for suggestions…

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13 Responses to 45 Steps To A Happy Marriage

  1. Lisa Dobrin says:

    Well, at least I can say I was a cheerleader on the weekend. A 42 km run needs a cheerleader on the side!! what a fabulous article.

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  3. Yes number 45 is some pretty good advice. To be honest I had to skim through the list as my kids are busting to go out, but I would have to say for me the sexiest thing my man can do for me is clean, without asking!! If I see him vacuum or clean up around the house, independantly he becomes a very lucky man!!!

  4. veronica lee says:

    Great advice!

    Hi! I was here to follow your awesome blog but your GFC widget is missing!

    Have a nice day!

    • TeacherMum says:

      Hi Veronica
      I seem to be having huge problems with GFC – sometimes it is there and sometimes it disappears for no reason. No idea what is happening.
      In the interim, you can follow me by subscribing or through RSS feeds.

  5. zalman says:

    When the big freeze sets in, get a good time and place e.g 3 in the morning when you are both awake and say “lets sort this out now”

  6. Oh yes indeed so true. My favourite – do things together and do things apart. We are on holidays at the moment and so I have the luxury today for “time apart”. Catching up on some reading. Bliss – the bonus was being lead to yr blog!


  7. My absolute favorite is “Be spontaneously ridiculous and unabashedly silly. Make your spouse laugh. It nourishes your souls.” I guess since I am naturally silly, it’s easy for me to naturally do. I need to work on the cheerleader part for Husband. I tend do it over the top for my children and friends, but then Husband is so humble and reserved, I forget to carry it through to him too..

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