Things I Have Learned This Week

 This week, I am in linking to Not So Silent Mommy’s Five. Here are the Five Things I Leaned This Week:

  1. Life loves throwing curveballs and I wish that just sometimes Life would “throw” and miss.
  2. No matter how many times some people actually ASK for your advice and agree with what you say – they will never hear you.
  3. The washing basket is never empty. (I should have known this one by now. Why do I always expect something different?)
  4. Some food is NOT nourishing for the soul, but definitely nourishes the size of my thighs. (Yeah…should have known this one too.)
  5. No matter how much I try to convince them that they are wrong, my children still think I was not born to sing. It hurts me when they block their ears and lean over in pain when I launch into song. I will not surrender.

What have you learned this week? Tell me…I would love to know.

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32 Responses to Things I Have Learned This Week

  1. Sue says:

    I am addicted to the TV show Masterchef.

  2. Agapantha says:

    I will never win a race.

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  4. Princess Frog says:

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bubbly exists!

  5. Terri says:

    Ha I had to laugh at your singing, my dog will tell you I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Abby however, doesn’t know the difference.

    I learned that no matter where I lay them down , grandma’s spectacles are not going to be there (Abby). Therefore that gave me an idea to start a new blog “coming soon to a view near you”

    • TeacherMum says:

      I will definitely be following grandmasspectacles Terri or perhaps I will get my Senior Son to because he is good at losing things.
      I used to have a cat who could not stand my singing so I sympathise with the dog thing. Hopefully Abby will always approve of your voice. If not, some of us mom screetchers are planning on forming our own band. Feel free to join.

  6. Moebius says:

    Your no 2 – insert *some people* becuse others listen and learn, or listen and choose not to agree but still learn.

    – some people love the status quo and will hate you for challenging it
    – other people hate the status quo and they will love you for challenging it
    – given enough time and lethargy, the status quo inevitably sucks.
    – being a change agent is fun.
    – making people uncomfortable makes them think. People are more fun when they are thinking

    • TeacherMum says:

      Interesting perspective Moebius. Sounds as if you had an interesting week. Not so sure I agree with the “uncomfortable” thing though – when I get uncomfortable I go into a flat spin panic and then I go blank. I prefer to think when I am inspired to do so.
      The change agent thing sounds interesting though…

  7. Carolyn says:

    Same as your #5 – 1st time I ever embarassed my 4-year-old in public (kind of a milestone 🙂 ), because I was singing as I got him out of the car at school. He told me it was awkward, lol!

  8. Thanks for joining in!!! I really enjoyed your list. I felt like I could have wrote them!! lol
    I can’t even pick a favourite because they’re so good!!
    I hope you join again next week, this is so much fun!!!

  9. zalman says:

    No. 2 is great-my wife says I never hear her anyway

  10. Patricia says:

    One of my daughters holds her ears and says, “Mom pleassssee”. Maybe the other four daughters feel the same way but don’t want to hurt my feelings. 😉

    I am following you via FNF blog hop. If you get a chance stop by and follow me however you like.

    • TeacherMum says:

      See comments above Patricia – you are welcome to join our band.
      The problem is that when one starts covering her ears, the others feel the need to join in too.

  11. natalie rabson says:

    1. You cannot plan a time schedule when you have kids. If you plan your day with a task every 15 minutes after work, your day will be late incrementally in 5 minutes for every fifteen.
    2. When you go to fetch your five year old from a friend it will take you at least 15 minutes to leave the house with him, not 2 minutes.
    3. If you have a big shop to do at the supermarket, as you near the tills your five year old will URGENTLY need the toilet and NO, it CANNOT wait.
    4. You can embarrass your teenager just by the car you drive. (My breaks can admittedly be heard 3km’s away).
    5. If you speak to your teenagers friends, you WILL embarrass her no matter WHAT you say.
    6. While our parents are always there for us, helping us and nourishing our souls, we have to remember to try and do the same for them.
    7. Anyone who is working and a mum and running a house and says its all possible is lying. Something has to give somewhere, and I think its our sanity that is slowly eroding!
    8. However, if we are smart and we set good examples for our children and conduct healthy relationships and remember to laugh at least once a day, then our kids will learn from that and remember that when they are parents, and not how clean the house was, how many courses were served at a meal or how many shirts were ironed.
    Teachermum, good work!!!! May the force be with you!!!!

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    • TeacherMum says:

      Wow Natalie – you have done some serious learning this week. Thanks for your input! I think you should do the next guest post on “Things I Learned This Week!”

  12. OneMommy says:

    I like the one about the laundry basket never being empty! So true!
    What have I learned this week? That having family stay with you a few days before you leave for vacation is crazy, but also fun. (I only see them once a year, so it is a blessing, really)
    Stopping by from Bloggy Moms…

    • TeacherMum says:

      I understand the family things – it gets crazy but is good at the same time. Is once a year enough?

  13. Oh, so true about the laundry basket! Nice to find you through voiceboks:)

  14. Michelle C says:

    Love this post. I am your newest follower from the Blog Hop. Hope you come check out my blog at

  15. thanks so much for participating in my blog hop! following you. please follow back.

  16. I will only be free when I die. Too many chores …. 🙂

  17. Sarah says:

    Haha, what a great list! This week I learned that I actually like tofu and eggplant! Who knew?!

  18. Dale says:

    Found your web site through Digg. You already know I am signing up to your feed.

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