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Husband Help 101 – Things He SHOULD Say

“You need to make me a list of things I should say, so that I can just look it up and say the right number and then never get it wrong.” Of course I could not resist the opportunity to … Continue reading

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I Am The Feature Blog on Planet Weidknecht Sunday Hop

I am ecstatic to be the featured blog on Planet Weidknecht’s Sunday Blog Hop. So, head over to Lisa’s Planet Weidknecht Blog straight away and enter your blog into the Sunday Hop. You can follow me by subscribing to emails … Continue reading

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Myths About Motivation

Richard Lavoie – One of the greatest assets to the teaching profession. I have been using his strategies for years and his presentations provide significant insight into the daily experience, emotion and turbulence of a child with a learning disability. … Continue reading

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Good, Better, Best!

I love this simple strategy that I read about a few weeks ago and I have been experimenting with it in my classroom and my home … and now I can’t seem to find where I got it from, so … Continue reading

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Top Teachers Are In A Class Of Their Own

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post about “What Makes A Good Teacher.” Here is the link to the article written by Monique Ross from ABC NEWS. Monique has also encouraged her readers to think about their own … Continue reading

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Learned Helplessness and Resillience

Every teacher and parent should read the article written by Simone Wallington from the Parentshop. Simone uses a great video to show how students learn “helplessness.” It is SO quick and easy for some children and adults to learn to feel … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Teacher?

It’s a good question… Apparently tomorrow I am being interviewed by ABC News Online, in response to the NEITA award I won last year. They want to have a chat with me about what makes a good teacher. While grappling … Continue reading

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The Choice We Make

“I know we had a massive argument last night, but I can’t remember what it was about.” These were the words my deflated Senior Son uttered to me as I pulled into our driveway after a long day a few … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of Writing: Solutions and Strategies

I have received a number of emails requesting help on how I deal with children who have handwriting difficulties. Have you seen the child who: • Takes ages to write • Has difficulty “getting” it all out on to paper … Continue reading

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Things I Have Learned This Week

 This week, I am in linking to Not So Silent Mommy’s Five. Here are the Five Things I Leaned This Week: Life loves throwing curveballs and I wish that just sometimes Life would “throw” and miss. No matter how many … Continue reading

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