I Will Never, Ever Get Angry Again!

Senior Son has become obsessed with micro-organisms, which has never bothered me until NOW!!!! (Detect any anger? What? Moi?)

He was totally absorbed in reading the book, “Unseen Companions – Big Views of Tiny Creatures,” by David and Madeleine Spears tonight and I thought, as he literally had his nose glued to the book, that he was solving the world’s problems.

I thought wrong. Big time.

He arrived by my side, sly smile on his (not so today) sweet face, microbiology book in hand and I swear, feet poised to charge away from me as quickly as possible.

He announced with a straight face that the organisms in his book remind him of real life objects around the house. There are only a few, but to understand my pain (not ANGER!!) read until the end.

This is what he showed me:

Exhibit A – Looks like bath soap:

Exhibit B – Looks like combs (apparently all these creatures are found in our ponds!)

Exhibit C – A plug:

Exhibit D – A shoe:

And … wait for it…

Welcome to Exhibit E – Me, When I Am Angry:


Now will someone PLEASE tell me whereI put those meditiation books????????

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11 Responses to I Will Never, Ever Get Angry Again!

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  2. dillymum says:

    methinks senior son has got a littlee bit of cheeky mixed up with some trouble seeking and a whole lof of confidence and love for his mum all rolled up in that sly slinky smile !

  3. Emma says:

    It is lucky you are moving to a new house!

    • TeacherMum says:

      Why? I will have to take Senior Son with me? And after I move, I will probably be more angry and look even worse than that amoeba thing he thinks I am!

  4. zalman says:

    My late Mother once signed a letter that she would not evr get cross with her children or Grandchildren again but I guess she had a bad memory

    • TeacherMum says:

      I think I have a bad memory too Zalman. Do NOT let Senior Son find out about this – I am afraid he may make me sign a similar letter.
      I might run away from home on that day.

  5. zalman says:

    Would not worry too much- we still all loved her & I imagine senior son would still love you

  6. Brandi. says:

    Oh, my!! There is a reason I was never into science… It’s very scary.

  7. chrissyb says:

    Scary and cool stuff! Glad I found you on sunday blog hop. Hope you follow me back.

  8. mominrome says:

    they look so fascinating and at the same time disgusting…

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