Dilemma Update

Thank you to everyone for the comments and advice on the Dilemma I experienced with a student. I thought I would fill you in on the end result.

The student moved up a reading group and now joins his core classroom during reading time. I will still see him for Spelling lessons and some grapho-motor difficulties. I arranged a meeting between the reading teacher, the home-room teacher, the kid and myself. During our meeting, I explained to all of them why I thought it was good for the kid to move and how it was an accomplishment for his hard work.

I gave the teacher the opportunity to tell the kid what her expectations were in her classroom and what he could expect from her class this term. She especially got him excited about Readers’ Theatre and the enjoyment he would get from it.

I gave the kid the opportunity to talk about his concerns about joining her class. I had called his mother beforehand and told her of my plans and had asked her to prepare him for the meeting so that he could confidently share his reservations. I then spoke to the teacher, in front of the kid, about what strategies worked for the kid in my classroom and that it would be good if she could continue with these in her room. He left the meeting with a smile on his face and his head held high. I hope it was because he felt us all believing in him.

I hope he takes that feeling and goes out and conquers the world.

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  2. zalman says:

    If this works out, you can be very proud

  3. Wonderful that you can recognize potential and nurture and advocate for it.

    I found you on socialmoms. I’ve subscribed to your blog.

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