Demanding My Dreams

there were lots of things I dreamed of when I was growing up, but there were two little girl dreams I never abandoned on the way to being the mature woman I am today. Firstly, I wanted to throw the bouquet at my wedding and secondly, I dreamed of my husband carrying me over the threshold after we were married, as he whisked me off romantically into my new life.

Now, let’s not to get bitter about the bouquet thing – but the wedding singer did forget even though he wrote down my request. By the time I sought him out about throwing my bouquet he had forgotten and it was too late. I didn’t want to turn into a bridezilla (I had already let slide that he had played the wrong first dance…try gliding gracefully across the dance floor to Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl when you thought you would be swooning away to Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable…which landed up being pretty forgettable I suppose.) I also had to give him credit – he was pretty damn good and there had been a fantastic atmosphere.

Now that threshold thing: We have lived in many houses and it has never happened. I have some vague memories of coyly mentioning it to Husband and having him look at me with a, “What the hell are you talking about?” kind of look. I suppose at other times we were laden with boxes, kids, baggage, the kitchen sink …

This weekend we went to a house auction. We had been looking for a new house for what seems like forever; even the kids gave up joining us on our weekend hunts for a new home. I will not go into the number of times we have walked away from auctions deflated and disillusioned. A few days before the auction, in the wee hours of a very restless night, I snuggled up to Husband and made my dream clear, “If we buy that house, promise me you will carry me over the threshold.” He grunted a reply, but I knew he had heard me and he knew better than to let me down at 2am.

Sometimes, instead of wishing for those dreams to come true, you need to just go right out there and demand them straight out.

We got the house! Come twelve weeks, I am going to be whisked  over a new threshold in to a light, bright and airy home.

Oh, and for any interested parties, I will be throwing a bouquet at the housewarming party.

*Note to self. Lose 10 kg’s so husband can actually pick me up and carry me over.

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20 Responses to Demanding My Dreams

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  2. Felicity F. says:

    I can’t stop laughing. I always dreamed of that threshold thing too

  3. The Husband says:

    There’s a good chiropracter just down the road from the new place.

    • TeacherMum says:

      Dear Husband
      You will need the chiropracter from carrying all the boxes into our new home…not from carrying your long-suffering, hard working wife over the threshold. The world is watching you now, so no excuses.

  4. The Husband says:

    I’m old and feeble now, why didn’t you make these demands when I was a strapping young lad with muscles?

    • TeacherMum says:

      Oh Husband of mine – I made the demand when you were much younger and you thought I was nuts. Maybe I was nuts, but now I am nuts with attitude.
      And when I look at you, I see a strapping young man with muscles. Big ones. Big enough to carry me. And I have had my eyes checked already this year.

  5. Florence says:

    I really enjoyed your blog. I found it very funny. Well done for hanging in there for so long for your dreams to come true! Hope your husband is in training. No excuses this time!

    • TeacherMum says:

      Thanks for your comments Florence. I don’t think Husband is doing much training though…sigh.

  6. Sarah says:

    So glad you got the house and that your dream can finally come true!!!! 😀

  7. Lub says:

    See – dreams do come true! 🙂 You just have to be very patient sometimes. Sweet dreams.

    • TeacherMum says:

      Patience? Way too hard… I think I lost mine somewhere in between one of those auctions and scrubbing the bath tub.

  8. Linx says:

    MazAltov!!! So happy you’ve bought a new home-loved your first 2 homes that I knew( in SA)look forward to seeing pics of the threshhold

    • TeacherMum says:

      Thanks for your comments Linx! Not so sure I can take photos as he carries me over. I might be too busy hanging on for dear life.
      Wish you could see my house for yourself though.

  9. zalman says:

    Maybe the only threshold husband knows is pain. He should test it.

    • TeacherMum says:

      Oooh Zalman…Nice One! I will make sure Husband reads your response. I am sure he has experienced lots of pain living with me!!!!

  10. I guess it doesn’t matter HOW your dream comes true- now does it? Have a super weekend!


  11. Better late then never I suppose! I don’t remember if I was carried over the threshold or not. Hmm, I guess it didn’t really matter since I don’t remember or I’m getting old and losing my memory!

    Good luck on the move!

    Found you through the blog hop!


  12. ~ Mona says:

    I love it!
    “Sometimes, instead of wishing for those dreams to come true, you need to just go right out there and demand them straight out.”
    Thanks for linking up to Saturday Suggestions. I’m now following (rss).
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones

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