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Reports! Sigh and sigh again. That word signifies every  teachers’ stressful nightmare.  I have just completed a weekend marathon of report writing for all my students. Reporting has come a long way since I was young. My elementary school report … Continue reading

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I just found this incredible idea on where Monopoly is adapted into a Homeworkopoly display board to motivate kids to do their homework and get them excited about doing it. It is has incredible ideas like “Take a seat … Continue reading

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Educating Boys

Recently we were privileged enough to spend 5 hours doing professional development in the company of Dr Ian Lillico from Boys Forward Institute. We covered a lot of material in five hours and it was hard for me to select which … Continue reading

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Writing and Winning

I have been working with a group of Year 4 students on paragraph writing. Last week I divided them into pairs and held a paragraph writing competition. Each group pulled their topic out of a hat and so each group … Continue reading

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Teachermum is a Feature Mum

I am a Feature Mum on Teacher-2-Moms’ fantastic “Mom’s Who Teach Mondays.” Have a look over here. I think that the ladies over at Teacher 2 Moms are just incredible (and dare I say insightful) because they refer to me as … Continue reading

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I Will Never, Ever Get Angry Again!

Senior Son has become obsessed with micro-organisms, which has never bothered me until NOW!!!! (Detect any anger? What? Moi?) He was totally absorbed in reading the book, “Unseen Companions – Big Views of Tiny Creatures,” by David and Madeleine Spears … Continue reading

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Follow Me…a great reading/spelling activity

I introduced my one Spelling lesson this week with this fantastic “Follow Me” game from the SEN Teacher Website. You type in your list of Spelling Words, and it automatically prints out cards for you…as easy as that. If your … Continue reading

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We Did It!

Last week our very own newspaper was released! Our launch was fantastic, the “excitement was palpable” (my principal’s words) and the kids had a hard time controlling their delight. Instead of an 8 page newspaper, we managed to produce 24 … Continue reading

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Dilemma Update

Thank you to everyone for the comments and advice on the Dilemma I experienced with a student. I thought I would fill you in on the end result. The student moved up a reading group and now joins his core … Continue reading

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Why I Crossed The Road

Mother’s Day was never a big deal when I was growing up (sorry mom!) Poor mom was lucky if she scored some awkwardly hand-made card from school. I remember as a teenager, an old lady asked me on Mother’s Day … Continue reading

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