The Truth About Origami

 I have my first guest poster on my blog today! Well, actually he is not a real guest, but I am posting something written by Senior Son. I found it while I was carefully looking (unearthing, turning upside-down, delving, rummaging) through my piles of piles looking for something else.

A while ago, Senior Son was very into doing origami. When it comes to “into doing something” with Senior Son, it should read “obsessed.” He has moved on now from origami (although sometimes he can’t help turning a restaurant serviette into something obscure) to being obsessed with microscopes (hey…microscopes over girls, right?)

I had challenged Senior Son to write down the things he had learnt from doing origami and this is the list I found while I was rummaging:

Life Lessons I have Learnt From Origami by Senior Son

  1. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Never give up.
  3. Difficult does not mean impossible (tee hee hee…wonder who taught him that one?)
  4. Things aren’t always what they seem to be.
  5. A piece of paper can make people smile.
  6. A simple square can become a 3D model.
  7. Imagination can reach further than light.
  8. True happiness is when something is given to someone.
  9. Some things are easier said than done.
  10. Some things are easier done than said.
  11. Finally, effort in a process makes the finished product better.

Wise man – my senior son. He must have learnt well from his very wise mum!  How lucky I am to learn so much from him.

Note to self: refer back to this post in teenage years.

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6 Responses to The Truth About Origami

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  2. Love this: “Imagination can reach further than light.”
    nicely done

  3. Agapantha says:

    Your senior son sounds very wise. Not many of our kids today would see the value of a simple piece of paper.

  4. GERALD says:

    Origami – opens up a new world of imagination – but the “Folder” must have a mind that can see further than just a piece of blank paper!

  5. Julie says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and leaving us a message! We are now excited for follow yours! Great site!!

  6. Ella says:

    You should put some instructions for some origarmi on it!

    that is what you should do~ !

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