Sharing Successful Strategies

I have been requested to share some of my teaching strategies at our weekly staff meeting tomorrow afternoon. Now give me a classroom full of kids and I can walk in and deliver. Make me present to a room full of adults and I am almost a blithering mess.  I have already had one nightmare about tomorrow afternoon. I’m wondering if I should rush out to K-Mart and invest in some shapewear underwear…

Jokes aside though, I have chosen some of the strategies I feel I am using successfully. I wish there was one strategy that worked for everyone and that every strategy worked well every day.  In my last presentation to my colleagues I spoke about strengthening strengths rather than always focusing on weaknesses. That was a year ago so at least I have had time to recover.

My powerpoint presentation is ready, cartoons and graphics included, and I will present the strategies below. Some of them I have already blogged about, for the others, watch this space.

  1. Transition music
  2. How to really check your spelling
  3. Going for Excellence Every time
  4. Using Keywords – My ‘Check’ strategy
  5. The Four S’s of Writing
  6. 3H Comprehension Strategy
  7. Independent Thinking Skills
  8. The Value of Silent Reading
  9. Are Graphic Organisers the solution?
  10. Sequencing and Summarizing – my favourite strategy

Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Sharing Successful Strategies

  1. roxanne says:

    best of luck =you will be fab -as always !!

  2. Emma says:

    Based on the learning value I have received from your blogs so far, and which I am implementing in my own classes – I am sure your presentation will be excellent and the teachers will learn a lot.
    I’m looking forward to the blogs of your other strategies.

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