Rules For Being an Effective Mother…well at least trying to be.

Rules for being an effective mother:

  1. Take time out after a long hard week.
  2. Don’t feel guilty for taking time out. I know this is not possible but you can at least try.
  3. Have a 30 minute afternoon nap. It gives you all the patience in the world.
  4. Tell sons that I am having some quiet time. This means they should not disturb me unless the house is burning down or Orlando Bloom arrives at my front door.

How to be an effective Junior Son and break Mum’s rules for being an effective mother:

  1. Wait until Mum has been asleep for 5 minutes.
  2. Run into the room at an alarming pace, pounce onto the bed and plant a big kiss on mum.
  3. Hold out your one hand of crumpled Friendly Pony flowers, collected wtih love. (They are actually Franjipani flowers, but when my niece was little, she misheard the word and they have been Friendly Ponies ever since.) 
  4. In the other hand – a note that says, “Here. I have given you these flowers because you are the best mum in the world.”

I lost my few moments of peace – but worth being woken up don’t you think?

I directed Junior Son to my kitchen cupboard to get a small glass bowl for my crumpled flowers. He found the biggest glass bowl that he could. Husband says he keeps thinking there is a fish in there. Junior Son is obviously going to be a Big Thinker kind of guy. I can’t wait!

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  1. Moebius says:

    I love the signature (is that what it is?) at the bottom of the note (is that a post-it note?)

    Like it’s an official notice.

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