I have started responding to comments people have made about my blog entries. Each time I make a comment, there is a little picture next to my name – almost like an ID badge. I hopped onto www.gravatar.com to upload a picture to my comment.  

I glanced over at husband who was clacking away on his Mac at the other end of the table. “What picture do you think would be great for my teachermum gravatar?” I asked, beaming as I waited in anticipation for his insight as well as his disbelief that I was uploading a picture all by myself. Husband took one look at me. “A grapefruit” he snorted.

Speechless. Exactly. This does not happen often, I know. Grapefruits are round, I am tall, thin and toned (for those of you who know me, stop laughing.) Grapefruits are pink or yellow, I am a warm and golden honey colour. Well I like to think so anyway. Grapefruits have strange pores on them whereas I have beauty spots and cute freckles. I won’t even go into taste.

So, if you happen to read any responses to comments I have made on this blog, you will notice that I now have an empty speech bubble as my gravatar, NOT a grapefruit. It is blank, because I am still speechless and still have no idea which picture to use.

And thanks to everyone who has, so far, taken the time to comment on my posts.  As for me, I will be crossing grapefruit off this week’s shopping list.


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3 Responses to Speechless

  1. zalman says:

    Let your husband stay hungry

  2. The Husband says:

    This husband cooks. 🙂

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