Secrets To Keeping A Messy Room Tidy

Senior Son has a very messy room. He loves throwing everything on the floor and leaving piles and piles of anything on his desk and bedside table. He has signs up on his door warning you about the mess. “Danger! Enter at your own risk,” should be enough warning and I am personally responsible for hanging up the sign from Questacon that advises you, “Beware! Experimenting with Chaos Theory.” So, why I am I constantly bewildered at how quickly his room can turn from clean and calm to chaotic?

 Last year, we agreed (I remember this because when I ask him to tidy his room he reminds me about our deal) that he would at least keep the floor tidy, but these days even that seems to be a struggle for him. So now, I have found the perfect solution for a messy room:

Close the door!

What you can’t see, you can’t get angry about. And he is happy about closing his door because it means less moaning from me. Now I just have to negotiate him leaving a clear path from the door to his bed so that I can kiss his curly head on my way to bed at night. Usually he is asleep, and a dark room, of course, always looks tidy.

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5 Responses to Secrets To Keeping A Messy Room Tidy

  1. Lub says:

    Would you believe that that’s how his father was as a child? So, there is hope…

  2. dilly mum says:

    What about the prettiest pink room you have seen that is permanently a tip?
    You cannot see anything find anything or even get through the doorway to kiss good night!
    I have resorted to blowing a kiss from the doorway! To my pretty-in-pink daughter with curly hair
    And the messiset room clean house would be proud to attack!

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    • TeacherMum says:

      Unfortunately I think I am heading that way – soon I will be blowing a kiss from the doorway. Until then I will trip happily…

  3. Who put those bags under my eyes says:

    Yes, my motto too – close the door. What you don’t see won’t kill you.

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