Senior son has a “PERSONAL IDENTITY” project to complete now to help him think about his own sense of identity. Section A is titled, “What’s in a name?” and so I was quizzed as to how we, his wise and knowledgeable parents, chose his name. After much digging underneath perfectly folded laundry (because husband folds the sheets and puts them away and I crumple them and shove them on top of the pile…hee hee guess who gets to fold sheets in our house??) I found the scrap book I made when he was born nearly 11 years ago. I knew I had kept the worn piece of paper on which we had written the names we liked when I was looking a bit hippopotamus-y nearly 11 years ago (Of course I never look like that anymore.) We had a good laugh and I think senior son said a silent prayer that he potted the name at the top of the list and not any of the other suspect ones towards the bottom. (What were we thinking? Must have been a bit hippo brained.)

But then my eyes fell on an email my husband had sent out the day Senior Son was born. I saw it by chance the day I came out of hospital and I remember sobbing my eyes out. I am glad I printed it and kept it. Today was the first time Senior Son had seen it and it made me sob my eyes out again. Okay, I lie. It is not cool to sob your eyes out in front of Senior Son, but I definitely cried and I am sure Senior Son would have too had he not still been laughing about the names he could have landed up with.

Here it is then:  an email sent, by my husband, at 10.54pm on the day Senior Son was born:

What I have learned today:

1.       Women deserve more respect.

2.       My wife is the strongest person I know.  (Note to self: check if husband still thinks this because he has found me crumpled on kitchen floor a few times.)

3.       It is possible to be the most useful person in the world to someone, and to feel useless at the same time.

4.       It is possible to fall in love with someone you have just met, who can’t speak, see well, or understand what you are saying, in less than 10 minutes.

5.       It is possible to understand how someone feels just by looking in their eyes.

6.       It is possible for the meanings and significances of everything in your life to change in one day.

7.       No matter how much you love someone, if you watch them with the right eyes, they will show you what you can love more.

8.       It is possible for a three kilo sleeping entity with soiled pants to teach you more in one hour than almost anything else in the world.

9.       Sleep deprivation can make you deranged.

Off to sleep now as I can’t afford to become deranged…and I need to go pry open husband’s sleeping eyes to check out how he is feeling tonight.

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