Junior Son has informed me that he wants to be a, “World Famous Musician,” when he grows up. He still does not know how to play an instrument, but has taken to composing some musical opuses for Senior Son who is a “violinist.” These are quite intricate and look very difficult to play. They have things like “gliss” and so many notes stuck together that I am convinced only an accomplished musician can play them.

What surprises me though is the titles of Junior Son’s Symphonies. I am not quite sure where he gets his ideas from. In fact, his titles quite concern me. I keep a close eye on him, so now I am wondering what is going on in his little head …

We have, “Joe’s Lost Scarf,” (No problem with that because Senior Son manages to lose most things anyway,) but then there is “Fun at the graveyard clubhouse, Jack the Zombie and Doranpeith Dolaki.” Yes… you read correctly…Doranpeith Dolaki. This one is written in Klusterbool – his own secret language that he has been working on for about a year now. If you want to know more about it, you will have to move to Klusterboolia. Junior Son has also renamed himself in Klusterbool – over there he is officially known as Poi.

Next week Poi starts piano lessons. We don’t even have a keyboard yet… Some of you may even want to buy ticket’s to Poi’s future concerts. Me? I think I am going to buy some earplugs.

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  1. dilly mum says:

    Teachermum, I think earplugs would be a wise investment. Or maybe in klusterboolia they only play air guitar? And airpiano? I’ve heard that to be true. Anyway, little maestro’s grow into grand masters, so wither the storm.

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  2. Lub says:

    The future maestro has a lot going for him. He will no doubt be a great success.

    • TeacherMum says:

      The keyboard arrived today and he has happily settled down in front of it…creating his own powerful tunes and melodies. Okay, I lie. He has been banging away all afternoon. But at least Husband was smart enough to buy a keyboard that has earphones. Now we just need to buy the earphones.

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