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Space Track and Other Spelling Games

This is my new Track Game Board that I use in my Spelling Lessons. I have upgraded it from my last track – this one is new and more exciting and I had a great time making it. I selected … Continue reading

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Missing In Action

Thanks to everyone who enquired about why there have been no blog posts for over a week. The reason was that I was crumpled on the kitchen floor. Actually I wasn’t…rather I was totally immersed (anyone interested in positive psychology … Continue reading

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Home and Classroom strategies for Learned Helplessness and the Electronic Generation

We know our kids live in a scary place, but one of the things that scares me the most is how many children are unable to think for themselves or to problem solve. I am referring to mainly two types … Continue reading

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Pottering (or at least trying to potter) in an Organic Garden

Husband and I decided to have an afternoon date this weekend. With babysitter firmly in place, we rushed off to a three hour clay and pottery workshop held in our local community’s organic garden. You should be impressed.  I had … Continue reading

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Graphic Organizers – valuable or not?

I have just finished reading an interesting blog post about the value of graphic organizers, written  by Elona Hartjes on her blog called “Teachers at Risk.” I used to love graphic organizers for writing. Couldn’t save or make enough of them … Continue reading

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Experiences in a Fruit Shop

I did the weekly fruit and vegetable shop yesterday. At the entrance, they were advertising a new fruit called “Achachas.” I am always on the lookout for new things to throw into lunchboxes … it helps my kids think I … Continue reading

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Pencil Grip, Posture and Peacocks

This week, I gave one of my favourite lessons to the mainstream Year 3 classrooms. As a start to their handwriting lessons for the year, they needed to be reminded of good old pencil grip and posture when writing. Pencil … Continue reading

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Junior Son has informed me that he wants to be a, “World Famous Musician,” when he grows up. He still does not know how to play an instrument, but has taken to composing some musical opuses for Senior Son who … Continue reading

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Follow on activities for teaching paragraph writing

Here are some reinforcement activities I use after I have taught my initial paragraph writing lesson. * See blog post dated 6/2/2011*  I hand out strips of green, orange and red paper and students write their paragraphs on the strips before … Continue reading

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Secrets To Keeping A Messy Room Tidy

Senior Son has a very messy room. He loves throwing everything on the floor and leaving piles and piles of anything on his desk and bedside table. He has signs up on his door warning you about the mess. “Danger! Enter … Continue reading

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