Walking Books

I love family traditions.

And I love family traditions even more when I am the creator of them.

Walking books have become a tradition in our family. On your birthday, instead of a traditional card, you “walk the card” from your bedroom to your birthday table. We have a very (and I mean VERY) long passage in a very (and I mean VERY) long house…just perfect for those walking books. And even though the path down to your birthday celebration is long and narrow, the route is not necessarily so. In fact, it is often windy and takes you on unexpected twists and turns, just like life and the year ahead.

On birthdays in our house, we have another tradition (started by me, of course) that you can choose anything you want for breakfast. I mean anything. Junior son chose chocolate cake (baked by me, of course) Kettle chips and Creme Soda (bought by me, of course) for breakfast this morning. He didn’t even vomit.

Hey…I never claimed to be a good mother. Hopefully nobody who knows me well will discover what my sons had for breakfast this morning. In the meantime, I can’t wait until my boys make me my next walking book. Except, I think I will be having muesli on that day.

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3 Responses to Walking Books

  1. Lisa Dembo says:

    Very clever-how cute !

  2. Bert says:

    Muesli is the best you can do? Not even Bircher muesli at a beachside cafe’ or something?

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