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In the real world I am a mum, a wife and a special education teacher (And lots of other things, but I’ll just stick to those three for now.) In my fantasy world, I am a guitar playing rock star and a famous artist. In my spare time I …um… I…um… Okay, so I don’t have spare time. But I do like to think I invented the idea of the mum’s “Crumple Effect.” It’s that feeling of exhaustion you get after a long, hard day when that never-ending list of nightly chores still lies before you. It’s that feeling when you would just like to crumple into a tidy little heap on the kitchen floor and stay there for a while. No movement, no thought, just a crumpled (little) mass on the floor. Ah yes…welcome to the Crumple Effect.

During those moments when I am not crumpled on my (very old) kitchen floor, I plan to blog about practical ideas I have come up with and come across as a special education teacher focusing on language and literacy. But wait, there’s more… I would love to share some of my useful parenting tips and ideas – particularly those relating to cultivating great routines and habits at home for successful learning.

I am the teacher at school and the mum at home, but if I stop and listen really carefully, it is the children who teach me, inspire me and guide me towards those answers I am always looking for. Those are the answers I wish to blog.

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15 Responses to About Me

  1. Lub says:

    Your survival tips should be legislated. Everyone should live by them.

    • Mash says:

      You are an inspiration! Wish I’d had a teacher like you, way back when. I hope that the kids know how privileged they are.

      • TeacherMum says:

        I don’t think kids ever really realise how privileged they are until they are all grown up. So it is nice that someone out there thinks that the kids I teach are privileged. It makes me feel good. I think I am going to provide some kids with the address of the old aged home where I have reserved a spot for myself (*sigh*)so they can come and visit me there and tell me how privileged they were… I hope I will be able to hear them.

    • TeacherMum says:

      I think I am going to have to rewrite those survivial tips when we hit the teen years. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Who put those bags under my eyes says:

    The “Crumple Effect”is brilliant – it describes the end of my day perfectly!!

  3. Lisa Dembo says:

    I think this is amazing -given me some great ideas

  4. zalman says:

    Wish I had a clever teacher like you so many years ago

  5. Jacqui Rabson says:

    I love the birthday card idea!!! Think I’m gonna steal that one from you. Where on earth did you get so much insight, could you refer me to that website perhaps to do the crashcourse.
    Thanks for the lovely tips, love your concept on homework (IP)!!!
    Keep writing!!!

    • TeacherMum says:

      Thanks for your comments Jacqui. I really wish there was a button we could press with those answers. I always feel like I find the right answer when it is too late and I have already done the wrong thing. So annoying. Unfortunately most of my answers come to me at about 2am when I am staring at my peeling ceiling.

  6. Lub says:

    I received husband’s email when senior was born. I cried then, and cry whenever I think about it. So you don’t cry alone.

  7. Lub says:

    Thank goodness for his sense of humour 🙂

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