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How Not To Start The School Year

Junior Son is a sensitive soul and I (being a control freak) wanted the first day of the new school year…new grade… to be calm and smooth sailing. I woke everyone up early so we could get a good parking … Continue reading

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Walking Books

I love family traditions. And I love family traditions even more when I am the creator of them. Walking books have become a tradition in our family. On your birthday, instead of a traditional card, you “walk the card” from … Continue reading

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Survival Tips (and friendly reminders) for the “Growing Up” years…and beyond

Junior Son turns 7 tomorrow. I have made him a huge scrap book (a once in a seven years present) and have written the following serious guidelines for him for growing up. I hope he remembers to refer to them along … Continue reading

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Reward Systems in a Special Ed Classroom

I love using exciting reward systems in my class that are different to what may be happening at home or in the regular/mainstream classroom. For the last two years, students collected stamps on charts and then chose whether to SAVE … Continue reading

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About Me

In the real world I am a mum, a wife and a special education teacher (And lots of other things, but I’ll just stick to those three for now.) In my fantasy world, I am a guitar playing rock star … Continue reading

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